Create Widget

1/ To create a widget, using below command:

php artisan widget:create <widget name>

This widget will be created in /public/themes/<current active theme>/widgets/<widget name>.

2/ Include widget to your theme. Add bellow code to the file /public/themes/<current active theme>/functions/functions.php

require_once __DIR__ . '/../widgets/<widget name>/<widget name>.php';
register_widget(<Widget Name>Widget::class); // Widget class name

Then go to /admin/widgets, you will see your widget.

{note} You can follow other widgets in default themes: Ripple and NewsTV to create widget.


A widget will have 3 files: This main class to init widget.

  • Main file is main class to init widget. Ex: /public/themes/ripple/widgets/tags/tags.php
  • A file to display frontend view. Ex: /public/themes/ripple/widgets/tags/templates/frontend.php
  • A file to display backend view. Ex: /public/themes/ripple/widgets/tags/templates/backend.php