Release Notes

Botble 3.3.1


  • Hotfix: Disabled installation Botble CMS from UI because of security issues.

Botble 3.3


Botble 3.2.1


  • Hotfix bulk actions and language column

Botble 3.2


  • Fix bug UI & update admin UI
  • Add Chinese language
  • Refactor code & optimize queries
  • Update vendor packages

Botble 3.1


  • Support multi-language for theme options & widgets
  • Fix bug add super users
  • Upgrade table system & add filter tables
  • Support change language on the login page
  • Fix bug adding admin locale
  • Fix bug create plugin by command

Botble 3.0.2


  • Hotfix bug cannot create new custom field

Botble 3.0.1


  • Fix bug cropping image size.
  • Fix preview image in media management
  • Move API clients to settings.
  • Update UI for member frontend.
  • Update UI in admin panel.

Botble 3.0


  • Upgrade to Laravel 5.6 (change PHP required version to >=7.1.3)
  • Add Passport support
  • Refactor plugin system
  • Refactor ACL system
  • Fix bug member login and forgot password.
  • Update UI
  • Update some vendor packages

Botble 2.6


  • Fix member reset password bug.
  • Fix to change status after creating a new plugin.
  • Auto register plugin menu to admin dashboard after creating new plugin.
  • Update vendor packages.
  • Fix coding standard.

Botble 2.5


  • Update media module. Support Amazon S3 and allowing to upload video/mp4, support preview .mp4 video on admin panel.
  • Allowing to add more extensions. Just need to add to .env file.
  • Fix admin menu with permissions.
  • Fix some UI bugs.
  • Add cache management. Now we can clear cache from admin panel.
  • Upgrade custom field: Fix bugs, refactor code & adding import/export functions.

Botble 2.4.2


- Refactor plugin language to make it easier to integrate with new plugin (check FAQ for more detail).
- Fix bug when deleting default user `botble`.
- Redirect back to previous page after login
- Update default database.
- Refactor slug plugin.

Botble 2.4.1

- Fix bug change profile image
- Refactor plugin language & gallery
- Move member to plugin
- Update default database

Botble 2.4

- Upgrade to latest Laravel version 5.5. In this version, it's required PHP >= 7.0
- Separate Admin users and members.
- Update editor: allows multiple rich editor in a page, switch between text editor & rich editor.
- Fix UI: dashboard widgets, plugins.

{warning} This a big update with Laravel framework, it's core update so to upgrade from version 2.3, you should copy your themes and plugins to version 2.4 and use new database from /database.sql.

Botble 2.3.1

- Fix create a Category.
- Move analytics JSON config file to storage path.
- Move repositories, criteria to support module.
- Optimize media module.

Botble 2.3

- Apply new media management. There is many change on media on this version so the document for Media will be update later.
- Add shortcode button above editor to easy add shortcode.
- Allow switch between Ckeditor and Tinymce.
- Fix bug when create new role.
- Fix bug activate/deactivate user.
- Add create user in admin area, now we have 2 options: create user and invite user.
- Remove function get_file_by_size(). Now you can use get_image_url($post->image, 'thumb') instead of get_file_by_size.
- Add front site users area.

Botble 2.2.1

- Add post format (Default, gallery, video...)
- Fix bug in plugin language when default language is not set.
- Change route name of post, page, category in front site from "public.view" to "public.single.detail"
- Fix counter in Dashboard.
- Refactor admin breadcrumb.
- Set page title for each page in admin area.
- Add new demo theme
- Refactor show category list, theme list...
- Remove admin bar config in theme

Botble 2.2

- Easier theme breadcrumbs. Now you can use Theme::breadcrumb()->add('label', 'http://...')->add('label2', 'http:...');
- Fix invite user
- Fix reset password
- Update email template and send mail function.
Now you can send mail by: `EmailHandler::send('Hello there', 'Test email', ['name' => 'Sang Nguyen', 'to' => '']);`
- Remove laroute package.
Please remove LarouteServiceProvider on /config/app.php and laroute package on composer.json.

Botble 2.1

- Upgrade to Laravel 5.4.
- Upgrade custom field plugin
- Refactor assets structure
- Fix error when installing.
- Fix analytics plugin after installation.

Botble 2.0


- Fix Media upload error
- Please see image attachment in this issue to update your code.


- Fix installation script.


Release Botble version 2.0

Botble 1.0


 - Fix folders in media is not accessible: To update, you just need update two files:
      + /resources/views/files/partials/folder-row.blade.php
      + /resources/views/files/partials/uplevel.blade.php
 - Fix Menu management: 
    Run "composer update" to update menu package or replace /vendor/botble/menu folder.


- Fix menu module (just run "composer update" to update menu module)
- Fix media uploads:
    Replace botbe/repositories/feature, 
    and app/http/endpoints/feature, media.js in assets.


- Upgrade to Laravel 5.3


- Update routes and media


- Add social login (login to admin page via facebook, github, google...


- Add contact form support, fix some small bugs.


- Fix dashboard widget, custom field and media management.


- Initial release Version 1.0