Release Notes

Hasa 1.4

Nov 16, 2020

  • Add RTL support.
  • Add the "Quick Buy" button.
  • Add a shortcode to display all brands and all products.
  • Display product attributes on the cart, email.
  • Display error/success message on the cart page.
  • Fix checkout page when the customer has logged already.
  • Fix shipping rules, order detail, store locators.
  • Fix missing order address when creating orders from admin.
  • Fix theme translations: new keys in English doesn't show in other languages.
  • Fix IP in activity logs, allow IP v6.
  • Optimize queries on menu & widgets, cache the menu URL for better performance.
  • Update Cookie consent: Add the option to change the background color, text color.
  • Update error pages, make it more beautiful.
  • Update UI contact form.
  • Improve permalink & custom CSS page.
  • Improve Analytics plugin, make it compatible with PHP 7.4.
  • Fix small bugs.
  • Refactor code.

Hasa 1.3.2

Oct 23, 2020

  • Add multi-currency support.
  • Fix bug wrong quantity in incomplete order recovery.
  • Fix update customer's email from admin panel.
  • Fix bug when activating plugin Ecommerce.

Hasa 1.3.1

Oct 20, 2020

  • Improve queries.
  • Update UI.
  • Fix minor bugs.

Hasa 1.3

Oct 15, 2020

  • Make single checkout page.
  • Add taxes.
  • Add export products, orders to CSV, Excel.
  • Add seeders: generate products with variations, product categories, product collections...
  • Fix UI payment form.
  • Fix filter price: display price with current currency.
  • Fix bugs when adding product to cart.
  • Fix 404 not found issue when clicking on the customer's name on the reviews listing page.
  • Update Laravel to version 7.28.4
  • Update Recaptcha: add an option to hide badge.
  • Improve theme UI & remove unused CSS to make it loads faster.
  • Update to Botble CMS 5.9.

Hasa 1.2

Sep 15, 2020

  • Update to Laravel version 7.28
  • Add settings to disable shopping cart.
  • Add Order tracking.
  • Fix theme options for Facebook chat, Facebook comment.
  • Fix bug when applying coupon code.
  • Remove Instagram feed.
  • Update homepage & blog page settings. Now, it's moved into Appearance -> Theme options.
  • Move settings for Cookie Consent into Appearance -> Theme options.
  • Add theme options to enable/disable Facebook chat, Facebook comment.
  • Add settings for watermark. Now, you can add watermark by changing setting in Admin -> Settings -> Media.
  • Allow to change permalink in Admin -> Settings -> Permalinks.
  • Add language settings. Allow to set default language in Admin -> Settings -> General.
  • Allow admin to login using email or username.
  • Optimize queries to make site loads faster.
  • Update UI.
  • Refactor code.
  • Fix webpack.mix.js config, issue with path on Windows.
  • Fix assets path.
  • Fix copy folder in Admin -> Media.

Hasa 1.1

Aug 05, 2020

  • Upgrade to the latest Laravel framework version 7.22.

  • Deprecated some media functions: is_image, get_image_url, get_object_image, rv_media_handle_upload. Replacements: RvMedia::isImage(), RvMedia::getImageUrl(), RvMedia::handleUpload().

  • Add support Digital Ocean Spaces.

  • Fix timezone, it doesn't work before.

  • Fix filter posts.

  • Update email settings. Add support SES, Postmark, Array, Log.

  • Improve performance & refactor source code.

  • Improve license system, make it works better.

  • Add Razorpay & Paystack payment gateways. Notes:

    • You need to go to Admin -> Plugins and activate plugin Razorpay & Paystack if you want to use it.
    • Go to Admin -> Payment -> Payment Methods to setup API keys.
    • If you don't want to use it, you can deactivate or remove that plugins in Admin -> Plugins.
    • Razorpay just displays on checkout page if your amount < ₹5,00,000 (Check maximum payment amount here:
    • Paystack payment method just displays on checkout page if your currency is NGN

    Hasa 1.0.2

    Jul 09, 2020

  • Add support DigitalOcean Spaces

  • Improve UI.

Hasa 1.0.1

Jul 07, 2020

  • Support Recaptcha v3 for contact form, newsletter form.
  • Fix bug when adding a product to cart.
  • Auto select default variation: color, size...
  • Improve UI.
  • Add popup confirmation when removing a product from cart.

Hasa 1.0


  • Initial release version 1.0