Admin menu

To integrate your existed app with Botble Core, you will need to register your menu to system.

Add new menu

  • Open /app/Providers/AppServiceProvider.php. Add below code to function boot
\Event::listen(\Illuminate\Routing\Events\RouteMatched::class, function () {
        'id' => 'your-unique-id', // key of menu, it should unique
        'priority' => 5,
        'parent_id' => null,
        'name' => __('Your menu name'), // menu name, if you don't need translation, you can use the name in plain text
        'icon' => 'fa fa-camera',
        'url' => 'your-menu-url',
        'permissions' => ['permission to access this menu'], // permission should same with route name and it's stored in `permissions` table.

Remove existed menu.

  • Open /app/Providers/AppServiceProvider.php. Add below code to function boot
Event::listen(\Botble\Base\Events\SessionStarted::class, function () {

You can see all available menus by using