Release Notes

LaraMag 5.10

Nov 14, 2020

  • Update menu: optimize queries, cache menu URL for better performance.
  • Optimize queries on menu & widgets.
  • Update Cookie consent: Add option to change background color, text color.
  • Update error pages, make it more beautiful.
  • Update UI contact form, galleries.
  • Improve permalink & custom CSS page.
  • Improve Analytics plugin, make it compatible with PHP 7.4.
  • Fix theme translations: new keys in English doesn't show in other languages.
  • Fix IP in activity logs, allow IP v6.
  • Refactor code.

LaraMag 5.9

Oct 14, 2020

  • Fix multi-language with Ajax.
  • Fix views count.
  • Update contact form with Ajax.
  • Update email encryption settings.
  • Improve Recaptcha: add an option to hide v3 badge.
  • Improve export posts to csv, excel.
  • Apply PurgeCSS to remove unused css, make it loads faster.
  • Improve theme UI.
  • Refactor code.

LaraMag 5.8


  • Update to Laravel version 7.28
  • Update homepage & blog page settings. Now, it's moved into Appearance -> Theme options.
  • Move settings for Cookie Consent into Appearance -> Theme options.
  • Add theme options to enable/disable Facebook chat, Facebook comment.
  • Add settings for watermark. Now, you can add watermark by changing setting in Admin -> Settings -> Media.
  • Allow to change permalink in Admin -> Settings -> Permalinks.
  • Add language settings. Allow to set default language in Admin -> Settings -> General.
  • Allow admin to login using email or username.
  • Optimize queries to make site loads faster.
  • Update UI.
  • Refactor code.
  • Fix webpack.mix.js config, issue with path on Windows.
  • Fix assets path.
  • Fix copy folder in Admin -> Media.

LaraMag 5.7


  • Upgrade to the latest Laravel framework version 7.22.
  • Deprecated some media functions: is_image, get_image_url, get_object_image, rv_media_handle_upload. Replacements: RvMedia::isImage(), RvMedia::getImageUrl(), RvMedia::handleUpload().
  • Add support Digital Ocean Spaces.
  • Fix timezone, it doesn't work before.
  • Fix filter posts.
  • Update email settings. Add support SES, Postmark, Array, Log.
  • Improve performance & refactor source code.
  • Improve license system, make it works better.

LaraMag 5.6


  • Update to the latest Laravel version 7.18.
  • Optimize database queries.
  • Add support Recaptcha v3.
  • Improve cookie consent.
  • Fix bugs plugin Language.
  • Add default open graph image.
  • Improve admin UI.
  • Refactor code.

LaraMag 5.5


  • Update to the latest Laravel version 7.13.
  • Improve media module: support upload chunk size.
  • Improve email system.
  • Move js-validation package to core.
  • Upgrade jQuery to v3.5.1 and Bootstrap 4.5.0.
  • Improve admin UI.
  • Refactor code.

LaraMag 5.4


  • Update to the latest Laravel version 7.8.
  • Refactor code & optimize performance.
  • Add backup commands:
    • php artisan cms:backup:create
    • php artisan cms:backup:restore
    • php artisan cms:backup:remove
    • php artisan cms:backup:list
  • Fix image's watermark.
  • Change default avatar, remove Gravatar as default avatar.
  • Fix widget & plugin language.
  • Remove package davejamesmiller/laravel-breadcrumbs, build own breadcrumbs.
  • Fix theme options when using editor field.

LaraMag 5.3


  • Update to the latest Laravel version 7.3
  • Improve source code.
  • Add plugin Translation.
  • Improve plugin language. When add/remove a language, it also adds/removes language files in /resources/lang.
  • Update UI.
  • Refactor code.

LaraMag 5.2


  • Upgrade to Laravel 7.x
  • Improve source code.
  • Add package js-validation & sitemap
  • Fix context menu in media.
  • Fix bug when changing admin's password.
  • Update translations.
  • Update UI.
  • Refactor code.

LaraMag 5.1


  • Update admin theme.
  • Improve source code.
  • Fix media upload.

LaraMag 5.0


  • Change admin theme to make it more awesome.
  • Add license.
  • Update Ckeditor to allow to add image's caption.
  • Fix ACL module.

LaraMag 4.2


  • Fix bug upload avatar in plugin member.
  • Fix permission issue when changing language.
  • Fix dev commands.
  • Fix error when creating new role.
  • Fix page title.
  • Fix logo in email.
  • Fix menu & audit log.
  • Fix sort order in dashboard widgets.
  • Update UI in login/register form for member.
  • Update plugin social login to support plugin member.
  • Update country flags.
  • Update latest code from Laravel framework.
  • Deprecated function setModuleName() in forms.
  • Using package mews/purifier to prevent XSS attack.
  • Add plugin cookie consent.
  • Refactor code.

LaraMag 4.1


  • Fix bug in plugin member.
  • Improve media.
  • Change to use laravel/tinker 2.0
  • Change to use mpociot/laravel-apidoc-generator 4.0
  • Add command php artisan cms:plugin:make:crud (Video tutorial:
  • Fix UI
  • Add config for Travis CI
  • Fix mail variables
  • Fix SEO helper, cache issue in media.
  • Add option to disable preview feature (Ex: \SlugHelper::disablePreview(Post::class))
  • Refactor code.

LaraMag 4.0


  • Upgraded to Laravel 6.0. Now this CMS requires PHP >=7.2 (

  • Refactor database to improve query performance.

  • slugs: renamed column reference to reference_type and using model class instead of screen name. Ex: reference_type is post now changed to Botble\Blog\Models\Post.

  • language_meta: renamed column lang_meta_content_id to reference_id and lang_meta_reference to reference_type. Using model class instead of screen name. Ex: reference_type is post now changed to Botble\Blog\Models\Post.

  • menu_nodes: renamed column related_id to reference_id and type to reference_type. Using model class instead of screen name. Ex: reference_type is post now changed to Botble\Blog\Models\Post.

  • meta_boxes: renamed column content_id to reference_id and reference to reference. Using model class instead of screen name. Ex: reference_type is post now changed to Botble\Blog\Models\Post.

  • Update meta boxes helpers: Remove screen name in function. (get_meta_data(), get_meta(), save_meta_data(), delete_meta_data()) Ex:

    // Before
    function get_meta_data($object->id, $key, $screen, $single = false, $select = ['meta_value'])
// Now
function get_meta_data($object, $key, $single = false, $select = ['meta_value'])
  • All forms now require to setup model. Ex: platform/plugins/blog/src/Forms/PostForm.php:54
    $this->setupModel(new Post);

Botble 3.6.1


  • Fix bug delete widget.
  • Fix bug search users.
  • Refactor code.
  • Improve performance.

LaraMag 3.6


  • Fix bug repeater field with image, file in custom fields plugin.
  • Move plugin management into /packages. Now it's a optional feature, you can remove botble/plugin-management and run composer update to remove plugin feature.
  • Update composer.json. Add package wikimedia/composer-merge-plugin.
  • Add command to regenerate image sizes: php artisan cms:media:thumnail:generate.
  • Add default theme options: site title, SEO meta tags.
  • Add search box on tables.
  • Update translations.
  • Optimize performance & refactor code.

LaraMag 3.5.1


  • Hotfix delete language.

Add this line into platform/plugins/language/resources/views/index.blade.php:191


LaraMag 3.5


  • Restructure asset files.
  • Fix security issue in upload user's avatar.
  • Change default value for status column to published instead of publish.
  • Create dev-tool package.
  • Change binding type for repositories from singleton to bind.
  • Remove @author in comment docs.
  • Fix language issue.
  • Fix dashboard widgets.
  • Allow to create user without role.
  • Refactor, clean migrations.

LaraMag 3.4


  • Upgraded to the latest Laravel version 5.8

  • Change folder structure: core, plugins and public/themes are now located in /platform folder.

  • Contact plugin: Allow to reply directly from admin panel.

  • Improve admin UI.

  • Move some plugins to packages. Now we have a new folder is /platform/packages (it is the place for required plugins).

  • Theme's directory is now located in /platform/themes/your-theme so it can't access directly anymore. After make change on theme's assets, you will need to run command php artisan cms:theme:assets:publish your-theme to copy assets to /public/themes/your-themes.

  • Made some change on assets module.

    • Refactor some methods.

      • addJavascript => addScripts
      • removeJavascript => removeScripts
      • getJavascript => getScripts
      • addStylesheets => addStyles
      • removeStylesheets => removeStyles
      • getStylesheets => getStyles
      • addStylesheetsDirectly => addStylesDirectly
      • addJavascriptDirectly => addScriptsDirectly
    • Change some config keys:

      • javascript => scripts
      • stylesheets => styles
  • Change folder to upload to storage/uploads, you need to run command php artisan storage:link to create symlink.

  • Change event to listen when adding admin menu.

Change \Botble\Base\Events\SessionStarted::class to \Illuminate\Routing\Events\RouteMatched::class


\Event::listen(\Illuminate\Routing\Events\RouteMatched::class, function () {
        'id' => 'cms-plugins-<your-plugin>', // key of menu, it should unique
        'priority' => 5,
        'parent_id' => null,
        'name' => __('Your plugin name'), // menu name, if you don't need translation, you can use the name in plain text
        'icon' => 'fa fa-camera',
        'url' => route('<plugins>.list'), // route to your plugin list.
        'permissions' => ['<plugins>.list'], // permission should same with route name, you can see that flag in Plugin.php

Botble 3.3.1


  • Hotfix: Disabled installation CMS from UI because of security issues.

LaraMag 3.3


LaraMag 2.2.1


  • Hotfix bulk actions and language column

LaraMag 2.2


  • Fix bug UI & update admin UI
  • Add Chinese language
  • Refactor code & optimize queries
  • Update vendor packages

LaraMag 2.1


  • Support multi-language for theme options & widgets
  • Fix bug add super users
  • Upgrade table system & add filter tables
  • Support change language on the login page
  • Fix bug adding admin locale
  • Fix bug create plugin by command

LaraMag 2.0.1


  • Fix bug cropping image size.
  • Fix preview image in media management
  • Move API clients to settings.
  • Update UI for member frontend.
  • Update UI in admin panel.

LaraMag 2.0


  • Upgrade to Laravel 5.6
  • Add Passport support
  • Refactor plugin system
  • Refactor ACL system
  • Fix bug member login and forgot password.
  • Update UI
  • Update some vendor packages


  • Fix member reset password bug.
  • Fix to change status after creating a new plugin.
  • Auto register plugin menu to admin dashboard after creating new plugin.
  • Update vendor packages.
  • Fix coding standard.
  • Change to use new facebook live chat.


  • Update lara-mag theme:
    • Fix sidebar widgets style.
    • Fix bug cannot close mobile menu when admin bar activating.
  • Update facebook plugin: update style, allow to add page without token.
  • Refactor plugin language to make it easier.


- Initial release Version 1.0