Config permission

Available permissions

'permissions' => [

Set permissions

From you application, if you don't want current user to have any permission. You can set it again.


In this case, current user will not able to create folder.

The best way to set Media permission is set it in View composer.

\View::composer(['media::header'], function (\View $view) {

    // Get all user's permission using your ACL system
    $mediaPermissions = [

{info} If you don't set Media permission, all users in your system will have full permission for Media management.

Get Permissions

Show all permissions of current user

$permisisons = RvMedia::getPermissions();

Remove a permission


Add a permission


Has permission

  • Check if current user has a permission

Has any permissions

RvMedia::hasAnyPermission(['folders.create', 'files.create']);