This plugin is using to backup your website. It will backup uploaded files & database, not full source code.

The backup plugin is just working on MySQL. It's using mysql command to dump and restore SQL.

Go to Admin -> System Administration -> Backups to manage backups.


You can use commands on your localhost or on VPS to quick manage backups.

  • Create a backup.
php artisan cms:backup:create [name of backup]


php artisan cms:backup:create "Backup latest data" --description="This is a demo backup"
  • Restore a backup
php artisan cms:backup:restore [backup date]

[backup date] is an optional param, if you don't provide backup date, it will restore the latest backup.


php artisan cms:backup:restore 2020-04-28 10-05-24
  • Delete a backup
php artisan cms:backup:remove [backup date]


php artisan cms:backup:remove 2020-04-28 10-05-24
  • List all backups:
php artisan cms:backup:list