Upgrade Guide

Upgrade to 1.1

{warning} This version requires PHP >= 7.3, make sure your hosting support PHP 7.3 or higher.

  • Override folder app, config, platform, public/themes, public/vendor and public/index.php from the latest version.

  • For developers:

    • Update file composer.json and composer.lock from new source code.
    • Delete folder /vendor then run composer install to upgrade vendor packages.
    • Delete folder public/vendor and run command php artisan vendor:publish --tag=cms-public --force
    • Delete folder public/themes and run command php artisan cms:theme:assets:publish
    • Run command php artisan vendor:publish --tag=cms-lang --force to update translations.
    • Run php artisan optimize:clear to clear cache.
  • For non-developers:

    • Override folder public/themes, public/vendor, bootstrap, vendor from the latest version.
    • Delete all files in storage/framework/views and storage/framework/cache.
    • Go to Admin -> Translations -> Admin translations then click on Import group to update translations.